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Success Dhara (formerly Success Guroo) is a leading Ins􀀍tute of its kind in Asia which founded by a young and dynamic Director Sunil Saini and started with 2 students,one staff and without any Faculty. We have come a long way since then with having coached more than thousands students so far. Hundreds of our students have cracked UPSC/ IAS/ IPS/ HCS/HPSC/ RAS/ UPPSC /CAT/ MAT /SSC/ Banks/ Defense/ Law/ BBA/ BCA/ HM and also for Engineering and Medical Exam so far. Success Dhara is synonymous with professionalism and excellence in the field of competive exams and has been in the industry for the past several years. We provide excellent classroom coaching with comprehensive study materials and online/offline mock test to our student that help them enhance their knowledge and skills resulting in better performance during the exams.


Sunil Saini (MBA, MSc)

The Director of Success Dhara firmly believes that quality education for UPSC/IAS/IPS/CAT/MAT /SSC/Banks/Defense/Law/BBA/BCA/HM and Other Competive Exam preparation can be provided in anywhere not only in Delhi. With this aim, the director has developed a dedicated team of professionals. The team has high level of expertise in their field and is authors of relevant books for exams. The team not only takes care of UPSC/ IAS/ IPS/ HCS/ HPSC/ RAS/ UPPSC but also for MAT/MAT/LAW/Engineering/Medical/Law/HM/BBA/BCA and other exams so that the student is not under pressure of gettng job.

Result Speaks louder than words. The team is appreciable for an excellent result of UPSC / IAS / IPS / HCS / HPSC / RAS / UPPSC / CAT/ MAT/ SSC/ Banks/ Defense/ Law/ BBA/ BCA/ HM and Other Competive Exam and other Exams. Seven out of Ten students cleared the screening test (Preliminary) and five out of ten have finally been selected. The Director and the team are ready to show better results this year also. For this they in search of committed students to makethem achieve their goal.

Why Cat Guru

  • Build a progressive image and a strong brand

    printed study material not only helps in building a progressive imege but plays very important role in building a strong brand of your institude .

  • Focus on your core area

    We provide the entire backend suport in terms of courseware and curriculum and the cleint focuse on his core areas.

  • Standardizes the delivary and improves the quality

    With everything well defined the delivary of classroom lectures improves leading to stisfied students and better results. many times question from our meterial have directly appeared in jee/neet giving that extra accolade and appreciation to aur clients.

  • Launch new courses and increase your business

    Cat Guru provide complete curriculum solution including study package, assignments, assessment module and teacher manuals so that you can launch any at loction without any addititional expence.



(Founder & Director – Sales and Marketing)

Mr. Sunil Saini is a Science Graduate and MBA in Marketing . He cracked IAS mains 2 times and many state level exams. With more than 12 years corporate experience as Sales Manager in companies like Birla 3M and ICICI Pru Ltd.. He has started his education career early during his college days and still making difference in other people's life. Sunil has conducted many researches in Education System and has travelled extensively throughout India. He has more than 15 year of teaching experience and he is author of books on General studies and CSAT.


(Founder & Director – Academic and Operation)

Mrs. Rupa Saini is an entrepreneur with excellence in decision making and determining current and future organizational requirements. she has been the pushing force behind the company's success rate. Due to her deligence, company today is acknowledged as a multiprogramme training specialist that is running on corporate lines and offers a comprehensive range of programmes not only for National but also for State‐level Entrance Exam. Her passion and interest in the field of Education has earned him a name and well deserved respect.