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  1. What is Quantitative Aptitude (QA) for CAT? Composition & Pattern
  2. CAT Quantitative Aptitude: Type of Questions
  3. CAT Preparation for Quant: How to Prepare?
  4. Changes in CAT Quantitative Aptitude section

1. What is Quantitative Aptitude for CAT: Composition and Question Pattern
Quantitative Aptitude questions for CAT 2023 are expected to have greater role of Arithmetic topics as compared to other topics. In 2015, IIM Ahmedabad revamped CAT exam pattern and separated the Data Interpretation sub-section from Quantitative Ability Section. Quant 2023 will be a separate section now with only Quant based questions in it.

The share of Quantitative Ability for CAT questions is 100% now, without any DI question clubbed to it. Quantitative Aptitude questions in Quant 2023 will carry a weightage of 34 to 36% to total CAT score and 100% for Quant section.  

The CAT exam now has also changed the order of sections. The CAT Quantitative Aptitude is now the last section instead of first section and is placed after DILR. The composition of Quantitative Ability for CAT 2023 is expected to remain on the following pattern:

Quant 2023 SectionComposition of Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT
Section NameQuantitative Ability
Total Questions in Quant 202322-24
Type of Quant Questions14-18 MCQs with negative marking
6-8 Non-MCQs without Negative marking
Quant 2023 section time40 Minutes
Marks for Each Correct Answer+3
Negative Marks for Each Wrong Answer-1
Difficulty Level of Quantitative Ability QuestionsModerate to High
CAT Quant Syllabus 2023Prepared by Experts based on latest Cat Pattern   IIMs have not defined the syllabus

3. CAT Preparation for Quant: How to Prepare?
A three dimensional approach is recommended on CAT Preparation for Quant section. Advising with the pace of Quant preparation for CAT, Arun Sharma said, “Remember that people make the mistake of trying to improve speed in the beginning itself but you should learn how to walk first before you learn to run. So, learn and practice first and then improve speed.” The key aspects of CAT Preparation for Quant section are:

  • Strengthen your basics and formulae in Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Modern Math and allied topics
  • Practise on variety of questions of different difficulty level
  • Finally solve previous CAT papers and Mocks for each topic. The more you do it, the more expertise in Quant section for CAT, you will get.

Unlike other two sections which have 2 parts like Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension; Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT consists of questions based only on Mathematics. Accordingly, it requires different preparation strategy focused only on Quantitative Aptitude questions on different topics. Following are the most important points to guide you on how to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for CAT Exam:

  • Prepare as per latest trends on Quantitative Aptitude questions in CAT  
  • Read the Best books for CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section
  • Get Updated CAT Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Material of Best Coaching Institutes
  • Quant Mocks for CAT
  • Read CAT toppers’ Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy
  • Attempt CAT Quant 2023 Mocks and Analyse each one after attempting them

Let us understand in detail the strategy how to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT:

3.1 Latest Trends of Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT
With the revamped pattern of CAT, one of the key Quantitative Aptitude tips is to focus on such Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT which are based on CAT previous year Quantitative Questions pattern of last 2-3 years.

While it is difficult to determine CAT syllabus for Quantitative Aptitude, it is advisable to prepare as per the changed CAT exam pattern. If you continue preparing as per the old pattern of CAT Quant Syllabus, you may end up with a low score. Although, you cannot rule out the recurrence of questions on forgotten topics in Quantitative Aptitude section, the priority should be given to the current CAT pattern and on the current topics as per revised CAT syllabus. 

3.2 Read Best Books for CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section
If you are doing self-preparation for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT, you cannot deny the importance of choosing the best book for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT. Most of the CAT toppers who were weak in CAT Quantitative Aptitude opted for self –preparation after making thorough search on best books for CAT Quantitative Aptitude section.  

Among the Quantitative Aptitude for CAT books, the Quantitative Aptitude book by Sunil saini and Quantitative Aptitude Book by Rajesh Rana are some of the best Quantitative Aptitude Books. In fact, the best books for CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section should be of latest edition carrying the latest features as per the current CAT exam pattern with Quantitative Aptitude Questions and Answers.

Now the question is- which is the best book for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT. Out of 35 odd CAT preparation books on Quant 2023 preparation, in opinion of the CAT toppers and experts is Quantitative Aptitude Book by Arun Sharma. Other best books for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT are:

  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for Cat by Sunil Saini
  • Quantitative Aptitude for Cat by Sunil Saini
  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT by Sunil saini
  • Quantitative Aptitude by R.S. Aggarwal

3.3 Best Study Material for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT from Cat Guroo
In case you are preparing for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT with the help of coaching centres, or wish to go for a mix of coaching supported preparation and self preparation to get the best of both in CAT Quantitative Aptitude preparation, alongwith the best book for Quant 2023 preparation, you will be getting the best study material with more Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions for CAT.

The Preparation Material of Best Coaching Institutes like Cat Guroo could be very helpful to prepare Quantitative Aptitude for CAT. The reason is that the study material on Quant Preparation for CAT of top coaching centres is updated as per the latest and expected changes in CAT exam pattern and also consists of Quantitative Aptitude Tips & Tricks by CAT experts.

The preparation material will contain the following apart from other key features:     

  • TIME Quant 2023 study material to strengthen fundamentals with CAT 2023 Quantitative Aptitude Tips.
  • Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT with Solutions
  • Quantitative Aptitude Tricks by experts on how to solve the questions faster with accuracy  
  • Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions for CAT of varying difficulty level

With the help of this preparation material you will be able to develop your own Quantitative Aptitude tricks to crack the Quant 2023 questions quickly.  

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3.4 CAT toppers’ Quantitative Aptitude Preparation Strategy
Many CAT toppers with 99 and 100 percentile have shared that they found Quantitative Aptitude was their weak area but they improved a lot in it with consistent preparation. What made CAT toppers improve so much and how they could score so high in Quant in CAT? The responses are inspiration for CAT aspirants preparing for Quant 2023. Sharing with, CAT toppers spoke about their preparation strategy for Quant section and also shared advice to CAT aspirants:

CAT Topper Rachit Saran, MDI Gurgaon (99.04 % in CAT 2017) on how he cracked Quantitative Aptitude in CAT
In an interview with, CAT Topper Rachit Saran explained how weak he was in Quant and how he improved and cracked Quant section. He said “I was scoring really low in Quant. I realized that the problem was not with my concepts; it was with my immature stubbornness to solve every question that came my way. Also, I wanted to solve all of them using the traditional methods.  I tried to cast this behaviour out by reminding myself that my entire goal here is to get the answer in least amount of time and nothing else. So, I learnt some unconventional techniques and started being selective with the questions. Of course, the choices here would skew towards my strengths.”

“The entire strategy here circled around selecting the right questions. Once I was done with my conceptual basics, I picked up my first couple of mocks and analysed them to see whether I was wasting time on the tough nuts. I devised my strategy in a way that allowed me to go through all the questions on the test, while solving only those that I was confident about.” 

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CAT Topper Rohan Joshi (99.63 % in CAT 2017) on how he cracked Quantitative Aptitude section
Sharing with, CAT Topper Rohan Joshi (99.63 % in CAT 2017) explained how he cracked Quant section, “I started with solving basic questions and slowly moved on to higher difficulty levels as my preparation advanced.”

CAT Topper Somesh Lohani, FMS Delhi (99.99 % in CAT 2016) on how he cracked Quantitative Aptitude section
Sharing with, CAT topper Somesh Lohani, FMS MBA 2017-19 batch pass out said, “For quant, first thing to do is clearing your basics. There are multiple books available in the market such as by Arun Sharma, Nishit Sinha, etc. Also videos on youtube such as Sunil Saini collection on youtube are really helpful and will help in clearing the basics concepts. Once I had my basic concepts cleared, it was all about solving as many questions as possible from different books, online materials and mock tests.”

CAT Topper Gyayak Jain, IIM Ahmedabad (100% in CAT 2016) on how he cracked Quantitative Aptitude section
In an interview with, CAT topper with 100 percentile and IIM Ahmedabad PGP 2017-19 batch pass out, Gyayak Jain said, “I used Cat Guroo Study modules to get me acquainted with various formulas and tricks of solving various types of problems. The practice for it was done in mock tests. Also, I had no guilt in leaving questions which I was uncomfortable with or was unsure about. I did not waste time in re-solving a question more than once if I am not getting any of the options.”

3.5 Many CAT toppers were weak in Quant but cracked QA with high score: Check How?
Quant 2023 in CAT will be a revamped section. IIMs have revamped the difficulty level in Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT and have tried to ensure that the Quantitative Aptitude Questions are not skewed towards a particular section of CAT test takers. Accordingly Quant 2023 may not be as difficult as it used to be.

Many of the CAT toppers without Mathematics background admit that they were weak on Quantitative Ability Questions for CAT and it took them time to march on Quant preparation for CAT.  But they could crack the Quantitative Aptitude for CAT with high score and are now studying in IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, FMS Delhi, MDI and other top B-schools.

Their preparation strategy reflects how did these toppers improve on CAT Quantitative Aptitude? What type of Quantitative Ability questions for CAT did they choose? Which best books for CAT Quantitative Aptitude Section they referred? What type of CAT Quant Practice Questions for CAT they preferred? What were the CAT Quantitative Aptitude Tips & Tricks which made them crack the Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT with high score? 

One thing which has remained common in regard to Quant preparation for CAT among all the CAT toppers with 99 or 100 percentile, is that despite being weak in CAT Quantitative Aptitude section, they planned well on their preparation journey and after getting into their desired IIM or other top B-school,  they have shared above the tips for CAT aspirants on how to prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 2023.

3.6 Attempt Quant Mocks for CAT and Analyse
Taking Mocks and sample tests is very important to crack Quantitative Aptitude section in CAT. This fact has been tested by the CAT toppers over a period of time. Taking more mocks on Quant 2023 will expose you to a vast variety of Quantitative Aptitude questions. More the number of Mocks, the more equipped will be you with self developed Quantitative Aptitude tips and tricks to crack the questions. The best way is to download CAT Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Answers Pdf. This will enable you to practice the mock and analyse it at your convenience. 

Mocks, according to the toppers are the best source of preparation for CAT. But the most important is the post Mock analysis. You must analyse each mock attempted by you to check for your mistakes and understand them well. Ensure that the mistakes are not repeated. This will further strengthen your Quant 2023 preparation.

4. Changes in CAT Quantitative Aptitude section
During the last five years, Quantitative Aptitude for the CAT has gone for substantial changes. Prior to 2015, around 70% part constituted Quantitative Aptitude questions and rest 30% was on DI questions. Before 2014, Quantitative Aptitude Questions for CAT were 20 and on DI they were 10. In 2015 the number of Quantitative Aptitude questions for CAT had gone upto 34 and again since 2020 QA section . has 22-26 questions due to Covid pandemic. In 2021 QA section had 24 questions and in 2022 QA section had 22 questions. Accordingly with the change in question type Quantitative Aptitude Questions with Solutions  and Quantitative Aptitude Practice Questions for CAT have also changed over the years. 

Now the Quant Preparation for CAT should therefore, be focused on the current CAT exam trends. The key changes in Quantitative Aptitude questions are:

  • Quantitative aptitude questions for CAT are 22-24
  • The negative marking questions in Quantitative Aptitude section are 14 to 18 rest are to remain No-Negative marking questions.
  • The difficulty level of CAT Quantitative aptitude section has reduced


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