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Maths Tricks & Shortcut For Competitive Exams

Maths tricks and shortcuts are the easiest and fastest ways in which you can solve mathematical problems in the upcoming Government exams.

The quantitative aptitude or the numerical ability section is most commonly a part of all major Government Exams,  and if a candidate can get shortcut tricks to solve this section quickly, he may be able to score a higher overall percentage in the examination.

Here’s a comprehensive list of math tricks and shortcuts specifically tailored for competitive exams like bank exams, SSC exams, or any other similar tests:

10 Simple Maths Tricks & Shortcuts

Arithmetic Tricks:

  1. Multiplication:

    • Multiplying by 11: For any two-digit number abab, ab×11=a(a+b)bab \times 11 = a(a+b)b. Example: 34×11=3(3+4)4=37434 \times 11 = 3(3+4)4 = 374.
    • Multiplying by 9: Multiply the number by 10 and subtract the number itself. Example: 47×9=47×(10−1)=470−47=42347 \times 9 = 47 \times (10 – 1) = 470 – 47 = 423.
    • Multiplying by 5: Divide the number by 2 and then multiply by 10. Example: 36×5=(36÷2)×10=18×10=18036 \times 5 = (36 \div 2) \times 10 = 18 \times 10 = 180.
  2. Division:

    • Dividing by 5: Multiply the number by 2 and then move the decimal point one place to the left. Example: 175÷5=(175×2)÷10=350÷10=35175 \div 5 = (175 \times 2) \div 10 = 350 \div 10 = 35.
    • Dividing by 9: Use the repeating decimal method or the divisibility rule for 9. Example: 567÷9=63567 \div 9 = 63.
  3. Percentage:

    • Percentage Increase/Decrease: Use the formula New Value=Original Value×(1±Percentage/100)\text{New Value} = \text{Original Value} \times (1 \pm \text{Percentage}/100). Example: Increase of 20% on 150 = 150×(1+20/100)=180150 \times (1 + 20/100) = 180.

Algebraic Tricks:

  1. Simplification:

    • Factorization: Factorize the expression to simplify calculations. Example: x2−4x+4=(x−2)2x^2 – 4x + 4 = (x – 2)^2.
  2. Quadratic Equations:

    • Finding Roots: Use the quadratic formula x=−b±b2−4ac2ax = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{2a}. Example: Solve x2+5x+6=0x^2 + 5x + 6 = 0.

Geometry Tricks:

  1. Area and Perimeter:

    • Rectangle/Area: Area of rectangle = Length × Breadth. Example: Area=12×8=96\text{Area} = 12 \times 8 = 96 square units.
  2. Volume and Surface Area:

    • Cube/Volume: Volume of cube = Side × Side × Side. Example: Volume=5×5×5=125\text{Volume} = 5 \times 5 \times 5 = 125 cubic units.

Data Interpretation Tricks:

  1. Reading Graphs:

    • Bar Graphs: Pay attention to the scale and read data accurately. Example: Calculate the number of students in each class from a given bar graph.
  2. Pie Charts:

    • Percentage Calculation: Use the angle subtended by each sector to calculate percentages. Example: Calculate the percentage of expenditure on food from a given pie chart.

General Tips:

  1. Practice Regularly: Regular practice enhances speed and accuracy in using these shortcuts effectively.

  2. Know When to Apply: Understand the context and suitability of each trick or shortcut in different types of questions.

  3. Use Mock Tests: Take mock tests to simulate exam conditions and practice applying these shortcuts under time constraints.

By mastering these math tricks and shortcuts, you can streamline your problem-solving approach and improve your performance in competitive exams. Regular practice and familiarity with these techniques will build your confidence and efficiency in tackling mathematical problems effectively.

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The quantitative aptitude tips given above will help candidates prepare themselves for the various upcoming competitive exams and help them score more in this section in particular.

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Candidates may refer to the above-mentioned maths tricks and quantitative aptitude tips as they will simplify the questions for them and also save them a lot of time. At first, these tricks may seem to be longer but with practise, candidates will be able to solve more questions in a shorter period of time.

For any other update or information regarding Government exams, candidates can turn to CAT GURU”S for help.